Chicagoans Discuss Changing Communities Along South State Street

By Emily Brosious and Sade Carpenter
Mar. 4, 2014

John Benford: South State Street and East Garfield Boulevard
Benford lives around the corner from the intersection of South State Street and at East Garfield Boulevard.

David Ingram: 6435 S. State St.
Ingram works as a mechanic at A&A Auto Repair, located at 6435 S. State St.

Amazon Smiley: 5548 S. State St. 
Smiley founded Amazon Natural Essentials — located at 5548 S. State St. — in the late 1970s. The Salon specializes in natural hair care, offering braiding and weaving services, dreadlock care, twists and knotted styles. 


These videos are excerpted from Journey Down South State Street. See full multimedia story at ThingLink.

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