Wired Poaches Verge Deputy Editor to Cover Personal Tech

By Emily Gray Brosious | Jan. 21, 2014 | Featured photo by Jason Devaun / via Flickr CC

Wired shook things up a bit this week and announced the hiring of David Pierce, formerly deputy editor at The Verge, as a senior writer covering “primary personal technology,” Poynter reported Wednesday.

He’ll be the guy “driving the conversation about gear and services that are important in modern life,” according to a Wired press release.

Wired editor and chief Scott Dadich praised Pierce as “one of the most unique and refreshing voices covering technology today,” in the same release.

Pierce will be writing as the “brand’s main voice on personal technology” for Wired’s magazine and website, as well as contributing to Wired podcast and video series on personal technology.

Wired may be taking a cue from an influx of successful tech-oriented news sites to join the product review game recently. Re/Code, Mashable, TechCrunch, to name a few.

It might be the ingenuity of those particular startups, or it might be the inherent advertising opportunity product review coverage affords, but something is definitely working for these digital news sites. And whatever it is, Wired wants in.

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